35+ Ways to Launch a Business with Zero Capital

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Starting a business can sometimes require a hefty investment. In fact, with the right approach, you can kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with little to no money. Whether you’re dreaming of a business empire or just looking to earn some extra cash on the side, a low-cost home-based business is an excellent place to begin.

35+ Ways to Launch a Business with Zero Capital

Exploring the Landscape: Starting a Business with Minimal Investment

#1. Food Deliveries


Tap into the booming market of food deliveries. Whether it’s catering to everyday essentials or satisfying midnight cravings, leverage social media for local promotion without spending a dime.

#2. Trade Online

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Venture into online selling with your own eBay shop, requiring an investment of under £20 a month. Explore online marketplaces for additional opportunities.

#3. Gift Baskets

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Create visually appealing gift hampers filled with treats like biscuits and jams. The right presentation can significantly increase their market value.

#4. Dropshipping

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Embark on a dropshipping venture where you sell products online without handling the stock. This model allows wholesalers to ship products directly to customers.

#5. Hire Things Out

Invest in products people want to hire, such as a bouncy castle, wedding chair covers, or a photo booth, letting the product do the work for you.

Monetizing Your Skills: Arts, Crafts, and Beyond

#6. Earn from Arts and Crafts

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Turn your creative hobbies into a lucrative business. Platforms like Etsy provide a dedicated space for independent artists to sell their crafty creations.

#7. Stock Photography

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If you have a talent for photography and own a quality camera, monetize your skills by selling your best shots to online stock photography sites like Shutterstock.

#8. Clothes Repairs

Offer clothes repair services as an eco-friendly alternative to discarding garments. Capitalize on the movement against fast fashion.

#9. Face Painting

Transform your face-painting skills into a business. Cater to family events and children’s parties, where face painting is always in demand.

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# 10. Personal Trainer

Utilize your passion for physical fitness to help others achieve their goals. While setting up as a personal trainer, ensure you have public liability insurance, a first aid award, and boundless energy.

Diverse Business Opportunities: From Cleaning to Digital Services

#11. Teach Fitness Classes

Take advantage of the popularity of fitness classes, ranging from aqua aerobics to Zumba-cise. Explore various fitness options to teach.

#12. Moving and Deliveries

If you own a van and have the right insurance, capitalize on your muscle power to assist with furniture collection, house moves, and deliveries.

#13. Cleaning Company

Meet the demand for clean and tidy homes by starting a cleaning business. Use the customer’s cleaning products to minimize overhead costs.

#14. Ironing and Laundry

Offer ironing and laundry services as a time-saving solution for customers. Take away their laundry and return it ironed and folded.

#15. Gardening and Landscaping

Leverage your green fingers by offering gardening and landscaping services. Weeding, mowing, and planting can be tasks that others are happy to delegate.

From DIY to Social Media: Wide-Ranging Business Ventures

#16. Handyman

Capitalizing on your DIY skills, offer services like hanging pictures, putting up shelves, and wall-mounting flat-screen TVs for those who lack such expertise.

# 17. Social Media Assistant

Assist busy business owners in managing their social media presence. Charge a monthly retainer or per-post fee for your services.

#18. Post Flyers

Deliver flyers for local businesses and charge them per 1000 flyers delivered. You can either do the deliveries yourself or hire low-cost staff.

#19. Copywriting and Content

If you have a way with words, offer to write website content and blogs for businesses. Showcase your skills through a dedicated website.

#20. Walking and Bike Tours

Combine your love for local history with entrepreneurial spirit by offering guided tours for tourists. Charge a fee for sharing insights into the history of your area.

Unleashing Creative Potential: Graphic Design to Blogging

#21. Graphic Design

Utilize apps like Canva to create professional designs for leaflets, business cards, and social media. Templates can help you achieve impressive results without starting from scratch.

#22. Event and Party Planning

If you possess a natural knack for organization, offer services in organizing corporate events, private parties, and weddings.

#23. Wedding/Party Favours

Create wedding favors, party bags, or sweetie cones to be distributed at events. These small treats add a delightful touch to any occasion.

#24. Website Design

Leverage your computer skills and design sense to create professional websites for small businesses. Use user-friendly platforms like Wix to simplify the process.

# 25. Dog Walking

Combine your love for canine companionship and the outdoors by offering a dog walking service for those who cannot do it themselves.

Expanding Pet Services: From Doggy Daycare to Cat Visiting

#26. Doggy Daycare

Offer a doggy daycare service for pet owners who cannot be with their furry friends during the day. Charge a small fee for hosting them at your house.

#27. Cat Visiting

Charge a daily fee for visiting, feeding, and playing with stay-at-home cats when their owners are on holiday.

#28. Home Tutor

If you hold a degree or teaching qualification, support schoolchildren with their homework and exams. Consider formal training for a full-time tutoring career.

#29. Online Courses

Leverage communication technology like Zoom and platforms like Udemy to run and sell courses online.

#30. Computer Skills Mentor

If you find IT easy, offer your skills as a computer mentor to help those who struggle with technology.

Niche Services: CV Consultancy to Gig Economy

#31. CV Consultant

If you excel at writing CVs, use your skills to assist job hunters. Offer one-off services or retainer-based support for crafting impressive CVs, cover letters, and job applications.

#32. Blogging

Monetize your blog by building a substantial following. Explore avenues like selling advertising space or engaging in affiliate marketing deals.

#33. Virtual Assistant

Help businesses stay organized by managing their administrative tasks. Offer services such as diary management, email responses, and meeting organization.

#34. Ask for a KoFi

Explore micropayment sites like KoFi and Patreon, where supporters can buy you a virtual coffee to support your creative activities.

#35. Gig Economy

Leverage the gig economy if you have wheels. Find flexible work opportunities with platforms like Uber, Yodel, and Deliveroo.

#36. Spare Room

If you have a spare room or a nice place to share, consider renting it out via Airbnb. Alternatively, you can rent out your driveway if you’re uncomfortable with guests staying in your home.

Before diving into any business venture, check your area’s legal requirements, such as public liability insurance, food hygiene certification, and first aid qualifications. 

Some businesses may require specific talents, but the options are diverse, catering to various skills and interests. Whether exploring part-time opportunities or aiming for a full-scale business, these ideas prove that entrepreneurship is within reach, even with minimal capital.

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